Dear Sirs,

in the context of the new EU F-gas regulation (EU) No 517/2014, from the 1st January 2015, Fluorinated Gas* (HFC refrigerant gases) shall only be sold to and purchased by undertakings that hold the relevant certificates or attestations (operator certificate or training attestation / company certificate) in accordance with EU regulation.

Specifically, those who are the end users of F-gas and carrying out the installation, servicing and maintenance of the equipment (e.g. refrigerator technicians, HVAC, garages etc..) should have the “license” and, at the time of purchase, they have to exhibit it (Art. 11 point 4).

The seller has the obligation to register, in a special register, the name, license number and the amount of gas purchased by the customer.

Those who do not carry out installation, service and maintenance (e.g. retailers, transporters, etc..), will not have the obligation of purchase subject to the license but, at the time of purchase, must fill out a notice will state where, under the own responsibility, that will use the gas purchased.

Herewith enclosed you will find our “Declaration of Fluorinated gas purchase (F-Gas)”.

We kindly ask you to fill it out in its entirety and return it, properly signed and stamped, to one of address countersigned in the attached document.

This declaration is extremely important because, getting nothing from you, from the 1st January 2015, we will be not able to process your F-gas orders.

We remain at your complete disposal for any additional information or clarification you might need.

* Fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) are a group of chemicals containing fluorine and are included in the HFC category (e.g. R134a – R404A – R407C – R410A – R422B – R 437A – R507 ecc.)

    Refrigerant fluids of different nature, as Hydrocarbons “HC” (e.g. isobutene R600a – propane R290) are not included in F-gases.