Electronic device for analysis, vacuum, recovery & charge of domestic refrigerators, split air-conditioners and commercial systems. Kit complete with 45 l./min. double stage vacuum pump 220/240 V. - 50/60 Hz and plastic case for handling.
  • Packaging of 1 pc

Worldwide patented.

With a single device, in the palm of your hand, diagnosis, vacuum and charge of split air-conditioners, refrigerators and commercial refrigeration systems, compatible with all refrigerants and with gram accuracy. 

Charge with gram accuracy
Weight of only 1.1 kg
Useable with 1, 2 kg cylinders and 5, 10 e 40 kg cylinders
Simplified system diagnosis
Compatible with any vacuum pump
Compatible with any recovery unit
Environmentally friendly
Universal for all refrigerant fluids

Minimal amount of space
Easy to use
Lightweight to carry: only 1.1 kg

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